Liz Lowe


Dr. Liz Lowe has been a member of the City Vet team since July of 2017 and has been actively working in the veterinary industry since 1994. She loves working with animals because of their enthusiasm, affection, resilience and joy. She comes to us originally from Brussels, Belgium but has been living in Texas since 2009. Between Brussels and San Antonio, she spent time in Tennessee attending Rhodes College, Massachusetts to attend Tufts University of Veterinary Medicine, New York where she had an internship and California where she spent many years working as an emergency and critical care veterinarian. Dr. Lowe is a veterinary consultant and volunteer to local animal shelters in addition to running her own non-profit animal rescue.

Outside of the hospital and attending to her non-profit work, she enjoys spending her time with her family and animals. We are very fortunate to have Dr. Lowe as a member of our team, she truly has a heart of gold that she shares with the animals of San Antonio.

Mia Provost


Dr. Mia Provost started working at City Vet in October of 2018, from our sister clinic River City Animal Hospital since 2017. Dr. Provost graduated in 2008 as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Western University. Originally from Austin, Texas, she grew up in a family that owned an exotic animal ranch. She says, “At the age of 11, I knew I wanted to be a vet and was very involved in work at our ranch. I started working for our local vet at age 14 and continued to work for veterinarians through college and in the summers during vet school. I always thought I wanted to be a mixed animal vet and did work with both large and small animals for six years after graduating from vet school. I eventually decided that my heart was with dogs and cats and decided to dedicate my career to them in 2014. I still get my horse fix by working with my parents’ horses occasionally! My inspiration lies with being able to educate clients on improving the quality of life for their pets and watching the progress being made with my patients. I also enjoy doing occasional rescue work and have fostered many dogs over the years.”

When Dr. Provost isn’t with us, you can find her with her family, her pets, reading, traveling, and exploring fun things to do around San Antonio.

Neil Russell


A London, England native, Dr. Neil Russell joined us in October of 2018. Dr. Russell began his career in the Veterinary field in 2011 intending to educate owners on animal healthcare needs. He says, “the joy and the well being we derive from our relationships and in turn, the debt we owe to ensure that they avoid suffering and receive good healthcare.”

When Dr. Russell isn’t practicing medicine, you can find him watching Gaelic football, boxing or sculpture. He also has two pets; a domestic tabby by the name of Charlie Brown and a spunky chiweenie named Archie!


Practice Manager, LVT

In 2015, we welcomed our Practice Manager, Debbie Ramirez. Debbie began working in the veterinary field in 1992. She is a registered veterinary technician, has a Bachelor’s in applied management and will be graduating with her Master’s in businesses later this year. Originally from a small town in south Texas, Debbie says, “Animals have always been a part of my life. I was raised around horses, hunting dogs, and we always had a couple of dogs at home. I initially was going to school to be in the human medical side of things but changed paths and went to the animal side. I started as a receptionist and moved my way up through all of the positions.”

When Debbie isn’t working or studying, you can find her with her two children, play piano or games and watching movies with her family!


Lead Technician, LVT

Holly was born and raised in a small ranch in south Texas. She studied Animal Science at Texas State followed by the Veterinary Technician program at Palo Alto. She has worked in the veterinary industry for over 19 years. She joined the River City Veterinary Clinic team in 2013. When not at the clinic Holly enjoys cycling, pet sitting and traveling. One thing, among the many, Holly loves about animals is how they communicate through their eyes and kisses.



Vanessa is originally from San Antonio, TX and began working in the veterinary industry in 2017. She said working with animals in their time of need is a rewarding experience. She has three dogs; Moo (shihtzu/poodle mix), Tita (chihuahua) and Jazz (bichon mix) and a red-eared slider turtle named Ninja. When not at the clinic, Vanessa enjoys watching movies and TV, and going to SeaWorld.


Veterinary Technician

Kassandra is one of City Vet’s veterinary technicians. Originally from San Antonio, Kassandra began working in the field in 2015 as a kennel technician and quickly advanced to a surgery technician. She then joined us in 2018. Kassandra says her long term goals are “become a veterinarian and help my community better understand the health needs all animals need to survive comfortably.

When Kassandra isn’t with us, you can find her with her four dogs. Deena, an eight-year-old lab mix, Marshall, a three-year-old cattle mix, Maisie a two- year old lab mix and Shadow, a one-year-old Chihuahua mix.


Veterinary Technician

Ramon Sanchez is one of City Vet’s veterinary technicians. Originally from San Antonio, Ramon started in the industry in 2012. He says, “I love animals! Knowing that families come asking us to help their fur baby and send them home feeling better is an amazing feeling.”

When Ramon isn’t with us, you can find him with his fiancé Chris and their little girl, Lucy, a dachshund. He also enjoys working out and playing volleyball as much as he can.


Veterinary Technician

Starting her career in 2013 as a kennel technician and bather, Jordan; or Jordyn as you’ll see on her scrubs began working for City Vet in 2018 as a Veterinary Technician. Originally from Missouri, Jordan says, “I have a passion for creating the best quality of life possible for all animals. I was born into a house of animals and work every day to better the lives of all.” Jordan enjoys rescuing animals, and when she’s not with us, you can find her training, rehabbing and exercising her dogs. She and Katie share the same fur babies.

Outside of animals, Jordan loves to read, draw, and paint.


Veterinary Technician

Amori Cortez has been with the City Vet Team since September of 2018. Amori started as one of our boarding assistants and when we made the hard decision to close boarding, she became a technician assistant and is in the process of training to be a vet technician. She has become an essential part of the team in helping to hold pets for bloodwork, x-rays, drawing and administrating vaccines. You will often see her in the rooms with one of our Vet Techs. She got into the veterinary field after working for a florist and jeweler at Lackland Air Force base. Her love for animals started when she was young with her first pet chihuahua Rocky Conan who was black and brown, or as she describes Rottweiler colors. She hopes to one day open her own practice that doubles as a rescue. She currently has a 1.5-year-old Pitbull named Dre, a 10 year old chihuahua named Stevie, 9 month old mini dachshund named Luna, a 8 year old chow mix she rescued named Sebastian, and last but not least a 5 month old kitten named Wednesday.


Veterinary Technician Assistant

Katie is one of our new members of the team here at City Vet, but that doesn’t mean she’s new to the field! Beginning her career in 2008, Katie is one of our Veterinary Technician Assistants. Originally from California, Katie got into the Veterinary field after a dog saved her life. She says, “I want to enrich and enlighten the world of connection between humans and animals.” Katie’s goals are to provide more resources to community animals in need and to one day own a behavioral center, rescue & rehab.

When Katie isn’t working, find her with her dogs Diango, Puppy Chulo, Oaks, Muffy, Grey, and the many fosters she welcomes into her home. You can also often find her exercising her Pitbull’s as well as many of her fosters by skateboarding around town.


Veterinary Nurse

Victoria is one of our Veterinary Nurses here at City Vet! After attending Palo Alto Veterinary Technician school for a year, Victoria began working in the veterinary field in 2016 and joined us in November 2017. Originally from Robstown, Texas, she dreams of going as high as she possibly can in the Veterinary field. She says, “I’ve always had a great love for animals and knew at a young age that I wanted to work and be a part of them.”

When Victoria isn’t working, she is often caring and spending time with her dogs, a lab mix Koba, and a Chihuahua Zoey. She also spends her free time with her family and loved ones.


Client Service Representative

With inspiration from his wife, Christian joined the veterinary field in 2016. Originally from Mexico, Christian joined us in December of 2018 as a Client Service Representative. He has the goal of becoming a K9 handler for the police department.
When he isn’t with us, find him with his pets Deena, Marshall and Maisie or relaxing, playing video games!


Client Service Representative

Jessica joined us in July of 2018 as one of our Client Service Representatives. Beginning her career in the Veterinary Field in 2005, Jessica was so inspired to help in the care and well-being of cats and dogs. One day, she hopes to have her own fur baby, but now gets her fix every single day at work!

Jessica is a mom of two children, Amber and Shawn and enjoys watching them play, going for road trips, cooking and baking.



Meet our on-staff Groomer, Rodger! Rodger has been with the City Vet team since July of 2018, but has been pet grooming since 2006. He has worked in many different grooming salons and learned majority of his technique by training one on one with other senior groomer. When he’s not at the clinic he likes to spend his time with his 10-year-old Chihuahua Shorty Bob, (a favorite of the clinic) and with his family. Rodger enjoys working with animals because he can express his artistic ability and love for animals by ensuring that they look their best.