Pet Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, and More

Some clients prefer a more natural approach to their pet’s wellness medicine. We are avid supporters of blending all approaches to medicine to create a treatment plan that both you and your pet are happy with.

We are excited about the opportunities in offering acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and other holistic modalities. We are very excited to be able to offer this gentle, yet powerful addition to our capabilities to protect, heal and comfort your furry family members. This form of complementary medicine is extremely safe, has very few side effects, yet is extremely effective and allows us to further tailor care and treatment for our patients.

Holistic Success Stories

Some examples of how holistic medicine has been able to help our patients include treatment for hip dysplasia. Using only needles, we have allowed a young dog to increase her mobility, muscle mass and decrease discomfort. A cat suffering from constipation received gentle relief from one session and is now maintained on medications. Acupuncture sessions helped a cancer patient breathe easier, rest more comfortably and increased her appetite! We have another arthritic senior dog who acts like a puppy after her treatments. There have been many others as well. We have had visits from clients as far away as Corpus Christi, Texas to access this specialized form of medicine.

Acupuncture & Herb Uses

Acupuncture and herbs work exceptionally well with musculoskeletal and nerve disorders, such as dogs with back pain and/or slipped discs, lameness or seizures. It can offer hope to pets that have been paralyzed. It can be used for the older pets that need relief from arthritis pain, but won’t compromise their liver or kidneys like western medicines. It helps in chronic disease such as skin conditions, arthritis, cancer, hormonal imbalances, some behavior issues and many other problems that your pet may suffer from. As with any form of medicine, we cannot guarantee that it will work for your pet, but we will give you and your pet respectful, gentle, caring, individualized care and attention.

Please call us to schedule a consultation. If you live far from us or it is hard to travel with your pet, we are happy to accommodate a phone consultation to help determine if holistic care may be an option for your pet.